We have 15+ years combined printing experience. Our mission is to deliver excellent advice so promoters can become more comfortable and familiar with the process and subject of promotion.

We can answer just about any questions you may have about how promotions work and how promotional products fit in.


Our offices are located in Orange County, California. We have been involved in thousands of promotions for big name companies. We have the expertise to deliver a high quality product, quickly! Because promotion is all about timing, timing, timing!


Learn a little bit about the printing process!


The Printing Process


How does this whole printing process work? Custom imprinting, custom labeling, and product formulas. Read through this page to get some good insight into the whole process. 

Digital labels are printed on our state of the art HP Indigo Press. This hotrod is capable of running tens of thousands of labels in a single shift, each one perfectly matched to your artwork. 

This is the Universal label machine. Your lip balm and sunblock and hand sanitizer all gets labeled on this baby. Up to 24,000 pieces of lip balm can be labeled in a single shift or 3200 bottles, respectively. 

For pens, we pad print your logo or message. Pad printing is a method that can take a flat image and print on an uneven surface, such as the curved surface of a pen. Pad printers are responsible for printing on golf balls, walnuts and key chains.