Take Charge Promo

In the current economic climate, many business owners and managers feel the urge to "cut back" on promotion.....this is the exact WRONG thing to do!! If your goal is expansion and stability in your business, it is VITAL that you maintain a constant promotional program. And, if like many businesses in today's economic climate, you are feeling pressure, then INCREASING your promotional efforts is a sure-fire way to fight back! Inexpensive promotional products that can be given out to current and prospective clients is a proven way to "Get and Keep Your Name on Their Lips"!


Having achieved much experience in the field, we have provided promotional products for many large and small companies, movie premiers, rock concerts and many other events. We recently decided to open a division of our company dedicated to helping small businesses by providing inexpensive promotional products directly, cutting out the middle man and thereby passing the savings on to you, the small business owner!